Deck Equipment

Whether you’re in need of fairleads, a boat winch or a deck winch, we will have the necessary equipment to optimise your operations!

We Stock a Huge Range of Deck Equipment

To complement our broad range of winches, Atlas can supply an extensive selection of associated rigging equipment. We hold the largest range of snatch blocks, sheaves and fairleads available for hire or sale in the UK.


Swivel Head Winch Fairleads

A fairlead is a device that helps to guide wires and ropes out of the way or stops them from moving horizontally. They’re commonly used with winch rollers but can also be used in a variety of industrial settings.

Universal Fairleads

We have a broad variety of universal fairleads available for you to choose from:

  • Roller Versions – 5,6 and 8 winch roller versions available
  • ‘Open top versions’ are also available.
  • Roller diameter – 50mm to 600mm,
  • Rope Sizes – 10-250mm

For advice on which option will be the most appropriate for you, just get in touch with one of our deck equipment and fairlead specialists!

Horizontal Deck Sheaves

Deck Equipment: Horizontal Deck Sheaves

Otherwise known as deck pulleys, deck sheaves are another mechanism that guides ropes and wires but unlike fairleads, they use rollers on a ball bearing.

Deck Equipment: Vertical Deck Sheaves

We have a range of horizontal deck sheaves available to suit 16mm – 76mm diameter wire rope available for sale or rental.

If you have any questions about our deck equipment, don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01371 859 555!

Vertical Deck Sheaves