Atlas has a fleet of rental Air, Electric and Manual Chain Hoists ranging from 500kg to 75Tonne in Capacity. Each hoist can be supplied with a different height of lift to suit your required application. We can also supply new hoists to suit your application and budget.

Explore Our Hoist Hire and Purchase Options

Here at Atlas Winch Hire & Hoist Services, we stock a broad range of hoist and winch options for you to buy or hire. We understand how important it is to have reliable, effective and safe hoisting and lifting equipment, whether it be a mobile hoist, a heavy-duty winch or an air hoist. We can cover your lifting requirements from 250kg to 75 tonnes so all of your projects that require hoist services can be completed smoothly and on time.

Hoist Services: From Hiring to Purchasing

We want to provide you with the most appropriate hoist services for your project which is why we can both hire and sell our hoists and winches. Whether you need a hoist and winch for a very specific project, or if you have your eyes set on a specific model of lever hoist or air hoist, we’ll have the most suitable options to assist your operations.

300kg, Minifor TR30
    • Dimensions – 370mm x 220mm x 420mm
    • Lifting Capacity – 300kgs
    • Rope Capacity – Various Lengths Available
    • Gross Weight – 21kgs
    • 110volt electric
Minifor TR30 Hoist
Minifor TR50 Hoist
500kg, Minifor TR50
    • Dimensions – 500mm x 220mm x 420mm
    • Lifting Capacity – 500kgs
    • Rope Capacity – Various Lengths Available
    • Gross Weight – 32kgs
    • 110volt Electric
3tonnes, Tirak X3050
    • Dimensions – 669mm x 400mm x 372mm
    • Lifting Capacity – 3,000kgs
    • Rope Capacity – Various Lengths Available
    • Gross Weight – 105kgs
    • 3phase Electric
Tirak X3050 Hoist