Versatile Range of Hoists for Hire

Here at Atlas Winch Hire & Hoist Services, we have an excellent range of rental hoists for you to choose from, including Air, Electric and Manual Chain hoists. It’s not just variety that we offer, either, but our hoists have a fantastic spectrum of weight capacity – from 500 kg all the way up to 75-tonnes. Each of our hoists can be fitted with a bespoke lift height to cater to your every need and suit your line of work perfectly.

Explore Our Hoist Options

Whether it’s a mobile hoist or a heavy duty winch, having safe and reliable equipment is absolutely vital. We understand the importance of having dependable and effective equipment, which is why we stock a range of high quality machinery for you to buy or hire.

Regardless of what you’re lifting, we’ve got you covered. Our hoist and winch apparatus is perfectly designed to keep you safe whilst getting the job done. So, if you’re looking for sturdy machinery that will help you keep your site running smoothly and effectively, you can browse our line of products here on our website. Alternatively, don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak with a member of our team for more information.

Hoist Services: From Hiring to Purchasing

We want our hoist services to make your project run hassle free and efficiently, which is why we offer both hire and sale services on all of our hoisting and lifting equipment. Whether you need a one off hire or you’re gunning for a specific model, we strive to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Our experienced team will be happy to advise you and answer any questions you might have.

Minifor TR30, 300kg

    • Dimensions: 370mm x 220mm x 420mm
    • Lifting Capacity: 300kg
    • Rope Capacity: Various Lengths Available
    • Gross Weight: 21kg
    • Power Source: 110 volt Electric
Minifor TR30 Hoist
Minifor TR50 Hoist

Minifor TR50, 500kg

    • Dimensions: 500mm x 220mm x 420mm
    • Lifting Capacity: 500kg
    • Rope Capacity: Various Lengths Available
    • Gross Weight: 32kg
    • Power Source: 110 volt Electric

Tirak X3050, 3-tonnes

    • Dimensions: 669mm x 400mm x 372mm
    • Lifting Capacity: 3-Tonnes
    • Rope Capacity: Various Lengths Available
    • Gross Weight: 105kg
    • Power Source: 3-Phase Electric
Tirak X3050 Hoist