Diesel Winches

We understand the importance of diesel winches to a number of industries, marine, industrial and agricultural sectors. This is why we have a range of these essential pieces of lifting gear available to our customers.

We Offer a Range of Diesel Winches

Here at Atlas Womch Hire & Hoist Services, we want to help your operations run more efficiently and smoothly. To do this, we can offer a range of winches and hoists to buy or hire, with capacities from 5 to 75 tonnes. Whether you’re in need of a piece of light lifting gear like a portable winch, a specific piece of equipment like a winch cable, or a heavy-duty diesel winch to hire for a particular task, we have a solution for your requirements!

Diesel Winch Applications

  • 4,6 & 8 Point mooring Systems
  • Barge Load Out & Load In’s
  • Shore Side Cable Pull In’s

Our Lifting Gear Product Range Includes:

5Tonne Utility / 1.5Tonne Man Riding Diesel Winch
    • Dimensions – 2350 x 2350 x 1385
    • Rated Capacity – 5Tonne Top Layer – Material
      * 1.5Tonne Top Layer – Man Riding
    • Speed – 30m/min on Top Layer
    • Gross Weight – 3,200kg
    • Rope Capacity – 935mm x 16mm
10Tonne Diesel Winch –TR2
  • Dimensions – 2890 x 2360 x 1370
  • Rated Capacity – Top Layer 10T
  • Brake Hold Capacity – 25T
  • Gross Weight – 4,774kg
  • Rope Capacity – 450mm x 28mm
15Tonne Diesel Winch – TR3
  • Dimensions – 3650 x 3120 x 1950
  • Rated Capacity – Top Layer  15T
  • Brake Hold Capacity – 25T
  • Gross Weight – 8127kg
  • Rope Capacity – 207m x 40mm
30T Diesel
30Tonne Diesel Winch – Lebus
  • Dimensions- 2600 x 2025 x 1900
  • Rated Capacity- Top Layer  15T
  • Brake Hold Capacity- 38T
  • Gross Weight- 6,600kg
  • Rope Capacity- 40m x 28mm

Make sure you also consider any winch accessories you might need, whether you’re using anything from a small portable winch to a heavy diesel winch.