High Quality Used Winches in Scotland and Essex

Here at Atlas Winch & Hoist Services, we also stock a variety of used winch options, whether they’re refurbished or second hand winches. If you’re constantly searching for ‘lifting equipment near me’ or ‘lifting gear near me’ then our used winches will be great!

We have a huge amount of experience, training and market knowledge which means we can source used equipment from our contacts from across the UK, Europe and the Far East. If you’re looking for a used winch for sale, all you need to do is get in contact with one of our specialists and we can find a reliable cheap winch option for you!

Buy a Second Hand Winch from Us at Atlas Today!

Atlas Winch & Hoist Services is probably best known for our winch and hoist hire services. Our clients include some of the best-known operators across most major industrial sectors, and we’re able to provide them with customised solutions that are perfectly tailored to their situation. Whether you require a used or refurbished winch for a one-off application or you need a model on an ongoing basis, we can supply you with the arrangement you need.

But this is only one aspect of our service model. We, as winch experts, also maintain a substantial inventory of second-hand winches and accessories – including rigging equipment, lifting tackle and cable drum tailors. Our extensive experience servicing and maintaining winches over the years allows us to expertly refurbish used models and restore them to like-new condition.


Equipment Currently for Sale

If you require a hydraulic winch that will be used on an ongoing basis for the foreseeable future, then hiring one may not be your best option. Especially if you’re on a budget and if you’ll only need to use a winch occasionally, a used winch for sale will be a more cost-effective option for your operations!

We understand that some of our clients prefer to own their winches outright, but the high sticker price of a new model makes this difficult. Fortunately, refurbished winches from Atlas offer all the functionality of a new model at a steeply discounted price. So stop searching for ‘lifting equipment near me’ and speak to one of our experts!

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If your budget is limited, you can save serious money on a second-hand winch from Atlas. And even in the event that we don’t have the particular winch or hoist that you are looking for in stock, there’s a good chance that we can put our supply line to work for you. Call the winch hire experts at our depot in Essex (01731 859 555) or Scotland (01899 221 577) today for more information.