Atlas hold an assortment of cabling accessories and ancillaries to assist with all of your cable and pipe pulling activities. The range includes all manner of cable roller, bellmouths, cable stockings, cobra/conduit rod, cable lubricant and duct proving and cleaning equipment to name a few.


Many commonly used items can also be hired as well as purchased with most equipment available for immediate delivery from our extensive stocks or on a next day service. Contact us now for full details.

  • Skid plates and cable bends
  • Suspension rollers
  • Duct rods
  • Measuring wheels
  • Cable avoidance tools
  • Hydraulic cutters and crimping tools
  • Towing heads
  • Pipe stoppers and rope blowing tees
  • Breakaway fuse connectors
  • Pit lifters and keys

Cabling Accessories Applications

Our Product Range Includes


Hydraulic Jacks

Technical Specifications
Model Capacity Max Drum Dia (mm) Weight/Pair (kgs) Spindle
HJ3 3tonnes 2,500 106 DS4/DS6
HJ6 6tonnes 3,000 118 DS6
HJ10 10tonnes 3,500 180 DS12
JT20 20tonnes 3,400 370 DS20
JT20L 20tonnes 3,400 425 DS20
JT30L 30tonnes 4,500 660 DS30
JT40L 40tonnes 4,500 1,150 DS40

Screw Jacks


Technical Specifications
Model Capacity Max Drum Dia (mm) Weight/Pair (kgs) Spindle
SJ3 3tonnes 1,600 37 DS4
SJ6 6tonnes 1,900 45 DS6
SJ8 8tonnes 2,200 76 DS12

Spindles c/w Collars

Technical Specifications
Model Max Drum Weight Diameter (mm) Length (mm) Weight (kgs)
HJ3 3tonnes 2,500 106 DS4/DS6
DS4 6tonnes 50 1,219 12
HJ10 10tonnes 3,500 180 DS12
DS6 6tonnes 50 1,800 18
DS12 12tonnes 76 2,100 53
DS20 20tonnes 100 2,900 100
DS30 30tonnes 127 4,000 200
DS40 40tonnes 140 4,000 240
BKS800 cable pusher
CBS C1350 cable pusher

Cable Pushers

Hydraulic Pushers Available with Petrol or Electric HPU’s;

Plumett DF6 – 600kgs, 32-130mm cable diameter

CBS C1350 – 700kg, 30-150mm cable diameter

Bagela BKS 1200H – 1,200kgs, 50-150mm cable diameter

Electric Pushers with Central Control Box (multiple pushers can be linked together);

Bagela BKS 800E – 800kg, 50-150mm cable diameter

Cobra/Conduit Rod & Reel

  • 4mm diameter up to 100metres
  • 6mm diameter up to 150metres
  • 9mm diameter up to 200metres
  • 11mm diameter up to 350metres
  • 14mm diameter up to 500metres
LCR11 Cobra

Cable Drum Rotators

CDR3     Max drum weight 200kgs

Max drum diameter 750mm

Max drum width 520mm

CDR2     Max drum weight 1,500kgs

Max drum diameter 2,400mm

Max drum width adjustable


Cable Rollers

Standard straight rollers for cable up to 76mm dia. Heavy duty and Bridge rollers for cable up to 125mm dia.

Corner Rollers

Triple Corner Rollers and Angle Corner Rollers for handling cables on difficult corners.


Draw Off/Lead Rollers

Extra wide Draw Off Rollers and ‘V’ Roller Assemblies for effective cable guidance.

Swivel Links

Heavy duty Swivel Links in 3, 5, 10 and 20tonne capacities as standard. Other sizes available on request.



Bellmouths available in a range of sizes for ducts from 60mm to 250mm i.d. Available with or without guide rollers. Special sizes and 4 Roller models available on request.

Manhole Rollers

Manhole and Rope Guiding Rollers to safely guide cable and rope in and out of manholes, pits or joint-boxes.

Sierra Exif JPEG

Duct Proving Equipment

A selection of Mandrels, Duct Brushes and Foam Pigs for proving and cleaning ducts. A full range of sizes are available to suit all pipe and duct diameters.

Cable Stockings

Cable Stockings available for cable diameters from 6mm up to 130mm. We can offer single eye, double eye and lace up as well as 3 leg stockings for handling Triplex cables. Larger sizes and Stainless Steel or Kevlar versions are also available.


Cable Lubricant

Lubricants for both power and telecommunications cables, water based and environmentally friendly. Supplied in 20litre pails.