Rigging Equipment

Rigging screws, turn buckles, master links, eye bolts, swivel hoist rings, weld-on lifting links, pad eyes, snatch blocks, diverter sheaves all from respected manufacturers and suppliers – Crosby, William Hackett, Van Beest and Gunnebo.

Snatch Blocks

Atlas Stock a full range of snatch blocks from 2Tonne up to 250Tonne to buy or hire.

Snatch Blocks


We keep a large stock of Safety Bow , Screw Pin and Dee Shackles ranging from 0.5Tonne up to 1,000Tonne.

Sling & Lashing Equipment

We keep a large stock of standard size Webbing and Round Slings from 1-12Tonne and can supply larger bespoke manufactured 15-200Tonne round slings. These can be supplied with reinforced eyes and protective wear sleeves.  We also stock and supply lashing equipment including Chain Tensioners, Lorry load binders, ratchet belts and tensions in a rage of capacities from 1-10Tonne.

Wire Rope

Atlas’s sister company Lifting Material Supplies stockist of steel wire rope from 2mm to 76mm (*larger sizes available on request) . They have a 300Tonne press and are able to manufacturer bespoke wire rope slings. We can offer wire rope slings with soft and hard eye, solid eye, hooks, captured shackle end terminations. We can also manufacturer complete wire rope sling assembles for all grades and constructions of wire rope. Single, Double, Three or four leg combinations available with a full range of terminations and attachments. We keep a full stock of wire rope accessories including wire rope stockings, wire rope grips, thimbles open and closed spelter sockets and resin kits to ensure we can meet our customers every need.

Wire rope grips, wire rope stockings, bulldog grips, thimbles, wire rope clamps, closed and open spelter sockets, wedge socket attachments (‘Crosby-Terminator’), wirelock resin socket kits available. 4mm dia to 76mm dia, (larger sizes available on request).

Wire Rope Accessories